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The Kyiv moment will bring a stronger and united Europe

Now is the “Kyiv moment” for Europe. Putin’s aggression is not only directed to Ukraine, but to our European values….

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Now is the “Kyiv moment” for Europe. Putin’s aggression is not only directed to Ukraine, but to our European values. That is why I call to reflect on the nature of the Conference on the future of Europe. We cannot continue with business as usual stated today Manfred Weber the Chairman EPP Group in the European Parliament, on a press briefing on the topic of the Russian war in Ukraine.

He noted for the journalist in Brussels that now it’s a crucial time to reflect on the profound changes for the EU.
“Ukraine is not only fighting for their freedom but also for our European way of life. This week we should take the next steps in bringing Ukraine closer to the EU, to protect and strengthen their democracy and their institutions“he said.

Weber noted that the EU hesitated in defining the appropriate reaction to the Ukraine invasion by Russia, but since then it has been more united and decisive than ever before in its history.

“The sanctions to Russia are imposed, and now we have an unprecedented momentum. But Europe was late in its decision to impose the sanctions on Russia and I believe it should have been done before the Russian aggression of Ukraine. Additionally, now we have to think about the future steps so will not be late again and we have now strong sanctions that are a good thing, but at the same time also we should have a future strategy on where and when to end the measures” he noted.

The Kyiv moment for the EU will bring a stronger and more united Europe than we have ever known.
He stated that Ukraine belongs to European Union.
“ The EPP Group proposes that the EU has to start to work towards candidate status of Ukraine and for the country’s EU membership. In addition, we must now also rethink our strategy and rescope the message of enlargement that we send to our partners in the Western Balkans. We have to change our ways and approach to the enlargement, especially for countries such as Albania and North Macedonia” said Weber.