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Senate Majority Leader: US Houses Stand-Alone Postal Bill is Only a Negotiating Opportunity

Republican leaders say they will not be supporting a stand-alone postal bill, but are willing to neg..

By Sunday Herald Team , in US Politics , at August 19, 2020

Republican leaders say they will not be supporting a stand-alone postal bill, but are willing to negotiate the funding for Postal Service as part of a scaled-down CCP virus relief package.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told the Louisville Courier-Journal, during an interview, that if the lower chamber is able to pass a stand-alone postal bill, it could be used to re-launch negotiations between House Democrats and the administration.

McConnell said the stand-alone postal bill, “could open the opportunity for discussion about something smaller than what the speaker and the Democratic Senate leader were insisting on at the point of impasse.”

He added that it is not likely the Senate will pass a postal funding only bill, even as House Democrats prepare to pass such legislation.

“I dont think well pass, in the Senate, a Postal-only bill,” said McConnell.

The House is anticipated to return to Capitol Hill on Saturday to pass Postal Service legislation. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has scheduled the vote, but the legislation has yet to be released. It is expected to include a provision that will prevent any changes to post office services and $25 billion in funding.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced on Tuesday that he would halt planned changes to the operations of the Postal Service until after the November election “to avoid even the appearance of any impact on election mail.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared victory over the decision but added that she is still going ahead with a vote on postal legislation.

“And I dont, frankly, trust the Postmaster General and what he said. And if hes sincere about it, it means the bully has backed off. Nonetheless, were happy to accept what he says, and thats exactly what we have in our bill,” Pelosi said on Aug. 18 at a press event in front of a U.S. Post Office in the Bayview neighborhood.

When a reporter asked what she thinks of McConnell not coming back to vote on postal service stand-alone bill, the Speaker said its “most unfortunate.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy criticized Pelosis stand-alone postal bill and said the USPS is currently able to handle all the additional mail-in ballots that may be added during Novembers election.

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