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Twitter Permanently Suspends Account of Vocal Trump Supporter Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell, host of the YouTube show “YourVoice America” and vocal supporter of President Donald ..

By Sunday Herald Team , in US Politics , at August 16, 2020

Bill Mitchell, host of the YouTube show “YourVoice America” and vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, has had his account permanently suspended by Twitter.

His account, @mitchellvii, has been suspended for violating Twitter Rules by using one account to evade the suspension of another account, a Twitter spokesperson told The Epoch Times in a emailed statement.

The spokesperson didnt elaborate.

According to the social media giants rules, accounts promoting violence, terrorism, child sexual exploitation, abuse, hateful conduct, suicide, sensitive media, or illegal or certain regulated goods or services will be banned. The rules dont mention anything about penalties for evading the suspension.

Google-cached pages of Mitchells Twitter account show him saying that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.)—who presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden picked as his running mate—is not a moderate in a string of posts before his account was suspended.

“The Biden/Harris ticket is making Bernie Sanders look like JFK,” he said in an earlier post on Aug. 12.

In his last post on the social media platform, Mitchell had said: “It is insane to think that defunding police will make neighborhoods safer.”

Mitchell seems to have transferred his Twitter account over to Parler, a social media platform popular among libertarian and right-leaning voices, which is positioning itself as an alternative to Twitter by offering space for “free expression without violence and no censorship.” Twitter, along with other social media companies, continue to be accused of bias against conservative voices.

Mitchells profile shows he has been on Parler since Dec. 10, 2018.

He has responded to Twitters banning of his account in videos posted on Parler. He explains that he believes the ban was for posting opposition to government-enforced mask-wearing and his support of Trump.

“What it looks like when Twitter deletes 5 years of work in a second because you support Trump 3 months before the election,” he wrote in one post.

Other conservative voices on Twitter have also been turning to other social media platforms after similar bans to their accounts from the social media giant.

Parler received 500,000 user signups in June after Twitter banned popular conservative user accounts from its site.

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The Epoch Times

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