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‘There must be investigations and prosecutions’ of alleged police racism during lockdowns

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As Amnesty publishes a report detailing ..

By Sunday Herald Team , in Europe Politics , at June 29, 2020

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As Amnesty publishes a report detailing allegations of police racial discrimination during coronavirus lockdowns, Spains former Justice Minister tells FRANCE 24 that the claims must be investigated, and if proven, prosecuted. Juan Fernando Lopez-Aguilar, chair of the EU Parliaments Justice and Civil Liberties committee, also calls for abuses of civil liberties during EU states coronavirus responses, to be punished, if proven.


As Spain and other states re-impose localised lockdowns after initially relaxing their restrictions, the Spanish MEP defends the re-opening of internal EU borders, saying that without the Schengen visa-free travel zone, “there is no recovery”.

Finally, as EU heads of state try to thrash out a multi-billion Euro deal to restart the continents economy,Read More – Source