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Lindsey Graham Confident a Sanders Nomination Will Result in a Republican House

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is confident that Republicans would win back the House of Representatives if Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) becomes the 2020 Democratic nominee.

“Let me tell you, a Sanders candidacy is great news for President Trump,” Graham, speaking from South Carolina, told Fox News Thursday night. “It is great news for Republicans in the House and in the Senate.”

According to a recent Gallup poll, 76 percent of Democrats polled said they would vote in a socialist for president.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he thinks he would be better as the 2020 nominee because he can help down-ballot Democrats to win. “The next president has to be able to win back the Democratic Senate,” said Biden at South Carolina Town Hall on Thursday, adding, “Its a criticism of whether or not you think youre going to be able to help elect a Democratic senator here, against Lindsey Graham.”

Graham said that the results of the primary elections definitely indicate Sanders will get the nominee but Bidens nomination would have helped down-ballot candidates get elected. “I think he would probably help the down ballot Democrats more than most people running.

“We have a Democrat representing the first congressional district in South Carolina, Joe Cunningham. Bernie Sanders is his worst nightmare,” continued Graham.

Cunningham told The Post and Courier earlier this month that his constituents dont want socialism. “We want to know how you are going to get things done and how you are going to pay for them. Bernies proposals to raise taxes on almost everyone is not something the Lowcountry wants and not something Id ever support.”

First-term Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota also weighed in on a Sanders nomination, telling CNNs Manu Raju, “There are probably 25-30 seats that absolutely would be impacted directly by having a self-avowed socialist at the top of the ticket. And I say that … you know … hes not a Democrat, you know, and thats something that I wish was better understood.”

“Looks like Bernies going to win the nomination unless something dramatically changes,” Graham continued, “but, if youre a down-ballot Democrat in the Midwest, in the South, Bernie Sanders is your worst nightmare. I think we take the House back with Bernie for sure.”

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