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2020 Democrats Stuck During Impeachment Deny Wanting to Campaign in Iowa

Several senators who are Democratic primary contenders, but remain stuck in Washington for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, denied theyre frustrated with being forced to stay off the campaign trail as the Iowa caucuses approach.

Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), have to spend six days a week on Capitol Hill to serve as jurors in the impeachment trial. Meanwhile, the Iowa caucuses are Feb. 3, and New Hampshires caucuses come about a week later.

On Wednesday, the impeachment trial lasted until about 9:30 p.m., but Tuesday was far more grueling as senators were forced to stay at the Senate building until the early-morning hours to hash out rules. The senators are also prohibited from using smartphones and other electronic devices during the trial, which means they cannot communicate with campaign staffers or write on Twitter to supporters.

The four senators were asked about where they would rather be: Washington or Iowa?

In recent interviews, none of the senators vying for their partys nomination said they would rather be campaigning on the ground.

“This is my responsibility,” Warren told the Washington Examiner on Wednesday. “I took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution, and thats why Im here. Some things are more important than politics.”

“My focus today is on a monumental moment in American history: the impeachment trial of Donald Trump,” Sanders told NBC on Tuesday. “Tomorrow I will be in an impeachment trial,” Sanders told supporters Monday in Des Moines, according to the New York Times. “How long it lasts? Honestly dont know. I am not going to be able to be here as much as I would like. So you guys are going to have to carry the ball.”

The campaign for Sanders announced on Tuesday that the longtime senator would have to cancel at least one campaign stop in Iowa due to the impeachment trial. Instead, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) will be deployed to “host campaign events in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and Ames on Friday and Saturday” before Sanders joins her at an Iowa event on Sunday—his only day off during the impeachment trial.

“This is my constitutional duty,” Klobuchar told reporters in the Capitol. “That is the fact.” NBC News reported that she took a 6 a.m. flight on Tuesday to return to Washington from Iowa.

“I am here doing my constitutional duty; the people of Iowa understand that,” Klobuchar added to the Examiner, adding that she has campaign staffers standing in for her. “Having people on the ground that are people that see folks in the supermarket or at work—that matters.”

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