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Republican Contender Mark Sanford Drops Out of 2020 Race

Republican presidential contender Mark Sanford said on Nov. 12 he is dropping out of the 2020 race.

In a press conference held at the New Hampshire Statehouse, Sanford said he was ending his bid.

The former South Carolina governor and congressman said that the impeachment inquiry against Republican President Donald Trump led to Trumps challengers getting little attention.

“You gotta be a realist, and what I did not anticipate is an impeachment,” he said, reported The Post and Courier.

Sanford said hed seek other ways to promote his efforts to get the national deficit down.

Sanford was one of just three challengers to Trump, with all gaining little traction. Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld and ex-Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh are the other two.

All three have criticized the GOPs methods of diminishing Trumps competition, including multiple states declining to put any names besides Trumps on primary ballots.

Sanford, 59, had recently been refused the chance to speak at a GOP candidate dinner, he said.

“The party is populated by some really great people, but its underserved or misled by too many in leadership positions—and I think President Trump and his approach has exacerbated this,” Sanford wrote in a Facebook post.

President Donald Trump speaks at the opening ceremony of Veterans Day Parade in New York on Nov. 11, 2019. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

“Are you kidding me? In a state where the motto is Live Free or Die? Being scared of someone being offended because someone else had a different viewpoint at a small local county event? It mirrors the cancelling of primaries, and it makes me ask what has come of the Republican Party?” he added.

Trump has dismissed his challengers, dubbing them “the three stooges” and saying they stood no chance of legitimately beating him.

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