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Anti-government protests in Lebanon also break out in Hezbollahs heartland

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The anti-government protests in Lebanon have spread also to the powerful Hezbollah heartland in the south. FRANCE 24 reports from the streets of Nabatieh, where hundreds of people have taken to the streets to protest government corruption.


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“They should resign!” a demonstrator in Nabatieh told FRANCE 24s reporters Nadia Massih, Zohra Ben Miloud and Mohamed Salem.

“Here, many died in the 2006 war with Israel, our homes have been destroyed. But they cannot use 'Resistance to Israel' as a trump card. We are fed up and want to live!” he said.

As elsewhere in Lebanon, the demonstrators are protesting a regime they see as both corrupt and inefficient. And with three ministers in the government, the perception of Read More – Source

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