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Misbehaving Sons Worst Nightmare Comes True When Mom Comes to Sit With Him at School

For mothers who work hard day in and day out to support their kids, hearing that a child is continua..

By Sunday Herald Team , in Travel , at October 17, 2019

For mothers who work hard day in and day out to support their kids, hearing that a child is continually causing problems at school is enough to drive them crazy. Mom Becky Crandley, 30, from Kent, England, is no stranger to the administration at Sittingbourne School.

This mother of five children had received “phone call after phone call” about her 12-year-old son Harleys bad behavior, as she told Kent Live. Crandley wasnt sure what to do, as Harley was showing the same “rudeness and disrespect” at home ever since he had gone into secondary school the year before.

Seeing that the schools disciplinary tactics, including “untold detentions and isolations” had had no effect, this mom decided to go radical after consulting with the school. “I constantly threatened that Id sit with him in school if needed, and he always laughed it off,” she explained.

Suffice to say, young Harley was in for a surprise.

Getting any ideas parents?!

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The idea came from a conversation with Harleys math teacher, who had spoken with Crandley about what could be done to rein her son in. She made the bold offer then and there. “If you need me to sit with him in the lesson so he doesnt misbehave, then I will,” Crandley recalls telling the exasperated teacher, per Kent Online.

The teacher took her up on the offer and agreed to keep her visit a secret. Then one Friday, during the last half hour of his math lesson, Harley couldnt believe his eyes—there was his mother. “If only I got a picture of his face when I walked in and sat down next to him, he went so red,” she told Kent Live.

Unsurprisingly, the mortified teens bravado collapsed with his mom sitting next to him in front of all of his peers. Crandley did admit to Kent Live to chuckling a bit as her son “put his head down in shame like oh my god, my mom is here.”

“If only I got a picture of his face when I walked in and sat down next to him. He went so red, theres nothing I can compare it to."

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For the rest of the lesson, Crandley was on him like a hawk to make sure he was paying attention to the teacher. “I sat next to him the whole time, I was checking his work and everything, it was brilliant,” she said.

As for the other kids in the class, they werent quite sure what to make of the scene. “When I first walked in, a few of the kids laughed and a few were shocked.” She hopes that her visit wont have only made a difference for Harley but also his classmates. “They wont want it to be their parents next time,” she pointed out.

As for Harley, she thinks that initial change in behavior was caused by trying to fit in with and impress his peers. He is academically gifted, but for most teenagers, this isnt what gets attention from their classmates. Crandley notes that Harley isnt a stereotypical troublemaker.

While he had never gotten in fights or been physically aggressive, Crandley was most concerned about the way he was dealing with school staff. “Im not bringing him up to talk down to people, especially women, and I wont stand for it,” Crandley said to Kent Online.