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Liberal Brits want to oust the Queen: poll

God, dont save the Queen!

Thats apparently the view of a majority of Britains Labour Party members.

Only 29% of party members polled believe in keeping the British monarchy, the Sunday Times of London reported. And only one in five would be “happy” or “proud” to sing the national anthem, “God Save the Queen.”

The poll of 1,100 Labour Party members was commissioned by Mainstream, a new campaign against political extremism founded by a member of Parliament who quit the party in February.

It also found that 69% support a general strike to overthrow the Conservative government, and 70% would like the country to get rid of its nuclear weapons.

Even more shocking in a country thats in the midst of leaving the European Union in part because of immigration issues, almost half of the polls respondents agreed that nations “should remove borders and people should decide where they want to live.”

Only 23% of the party members agreed thaRead More – Source

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