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Menswear brand slammed for making school shooting hoodies with bullet holes

Critics have called the new hoodies repulsive (Picture: Bstroy)
High fashion is all about pushing th..

By Sunday Herald Team , in Fashion , at September 18, 2019

Critics have called the new hoodies repulsive (Picture: Bstroy)

High fashion is all about pushing the boundaries and grabbing attention – but one menswear brand has been heavily criticised for taking things too far.

New York based fashion brand Bstroy has faced a wave of backlash after showcasing a new range of hoodies which featured the names of schools where deadly shootings have happened – they were even riddled with bullet holes.

Theres provocative and then theres capitalising on tragedy, and some critics think this brand crossed the line.

The hoodies had the names Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas, sewed on to the front.

Bstroy fashion show
The hoodies are also riddled with bullet holes (Picture: Bstroy)

All infamous shootings where multiple students were killed. 26 people were killed at Sandy Hook, 32 died at Virginia Tech.

You are repulsive, horrendous, and beyond callous for putting this out, said one critic on Twitter.



This isnt edgy or subversive. This is disgusting and not one person on this “fashion” team should be allowed to make clothing again, added another.

People who had direct experience of a school shooting were particularly appalled by the brands new range.

Bstroy fashion show
In a statement, Bstroy founder said life can be painfully ironic'(Picture: Bstroy)

Its hard for me to put into words the utter shock, anger & sadness this ignites in my heart, said one women and Twitter.

12+ years later, I still flash back and feel my heart skip a beat every time I hear a bang or someone opens a door unexpectedly. My Hokie family has been through enough. Do better Bstroy.

In a statement on Instagram, Bstroy owner Brick Owens said the following: Sometimes life can be painfully ironic. Like the irony of dying violently in a place you considered to be a safe, controlled environment, like school.

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We are reminded all the time of lifes fragility, shortness, and unpredictability yet we are also reminded of its infinite potential.

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