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Illinois lawmaker pooped on by pigeon during TV interview — about bird droppings

Oh, crap!

An Illinois lawmaker was pooped on by a pigeon at a Chicago Transit Authority stop while doing a TV interview about the pigeon droppings problem plaguing the station.

Democratic state Rep. Jaime Andrade fell victim to the very problem he had been discussing during an interview with CBS Chicago published Monday.

“Did I, did I just get? I did, didnt I?” Andrade said during the interview as he rubbed the top of his head and looked up, footage shows.

“Ill just have to go clean up,” Andrade told the reporter. “And thats what happens to my constituents. They get sh-t on all the time.”

Andrade, who has been trying to combat the pigeon poop issue, was relieved on by one of the birds outside of the bustling Irving Park Blue Line station also known as the “pigeon poop station.”

According to CBS Chicago, the pigeons have terrorized the station, soiling it with bird waste and feathers.

“Its not funny at all when you have peRead More – Source

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