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Scream mask attacker broke into home and stabbed, terrorized woman: prosecutors

A deranged attacker wore a mask from the horror movie “Scream” when she broke into a Chicago home — repeatedly stabbing a middle-aged woman after telling her, “God is making me do this,” prosecutors said.

The critically injured victim had been asleep on her sons couch when she awoke to the terrifying sight of a mask-wearing intruder standing over her with a knife, according to the Chicago Tribune.

After begging the attacker, Patricia Calhoun-Murdock, not to hurt her, the 56-year-old woman was repeatedly stabbed, with her throat slashed twice and her heart punctured in the frenzied attack, Cook County Circuit Court heard Sunday.

Calhoun-Murdock, 20, then took a shower and sat down to eat and watch TV, according to the report. The unidentified victim tried to play dead but was allegedly warned, “I can still hear you breathing.”

Hearing her daughter-in-law coming home, the victim managed to call out for her to dial 911 — just for Calhoun-Murdock to repeatedly hit her with a bat and threatening to kill her before fleeing the house, Assistant States Attorney Lorin Jenkins told the court.

The victim was rushed in critical condition to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where she was treated for 39 stab wounds to her face, neck, stomach and skull. Her throat was slit in two places, her heart was punctured and she had a broken right arm, the Tribune said.

The attacker left behind a cellphone and a wallet with documents that included her name, prosecutors said.

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