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Corey Lewandowski to sign Mueller Report at DC book party

WASHINGTON — Former Trump campaign chairman Corey Lewandowski will autograph copies of the Mueller Report at a Washington, DC, book party this week.

Lewandowski is billed as a “special guest” at a Capitol Hill book party Tuesday for conservative author Charles Hurt, who just came out with the new title, “Still Winning: Why American went all in on Donald Trump – and why we must do it again.

The invitation obtained by The Post tells guests Lewandowski will only provide “one signature per report” and they should “bring your own dog-eared copy.”

“Honestly, the whole idea stemmed from the fact that my hand hurts from writing the book so I really didnt want to sign any books myself,” Hurt explained.

“In his trademark modesty, Corey was incredibly gracious when I asked him to be my special guest and sign copies of the Mueller Report. But he said he will only sign each copy one time. He said if he signed every page his name appears on he would spend all night signing one single Mueller Report.”

Lewndowski, who was President Trumps original campaign manager, appears in the Mueller Report 129 times.

He was in the news last week, with the Daily Beast reporting that LewandowskRead More – Source

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