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ISIS is now weaponizing cows with explosives

Add animal rights activists to the ever-growing list of ISIS haters — following reports that the fiends had weaponized a pair of cows by turning them into explosives-laden booby traps that killed a civilian.

The bovines were strapped with explosive belts and were headed toward a military checkpoint in Diyala province when Iraqi soldiers opened fire and “blew them up,” killing a bystander, according to a report on the Kurdish language Rudaw news website, the Independent reported.

A local official, Sadiq Husseini, told the Kurdish outlet that the incident “shows that the group has lost the ability to recruit young people and would-be suicide bombers, instead they are using cattle.”

Diyala province is home to Kurds, Sunnis and Shias and is at the heart of a dispute between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Iraq, with both claiming ownership, Fox News reported.

ISIS has taken advantage of the dispute and worked to re-establish itself after losing most of the territory it had held under its so-called caliphate.

A cow grazing in IraqReuters

ISIS holds a “durable support zone” and has “increased its attack teRead More – Source

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