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Simone Biles brothers arrest culminates decades of family turmoil

The arrest of Simone Biles brother is just the latest turmoil for the star gymnast, who was raised separately from her accused killer sibling after being taken from their drug-abusing mother.

And she was later abused by sicko doctor Larry Nassar.

Biles boyfriend alluded to her troubles a day after the Olympic champions older brother, Tevin Biles-Thomas, was charged with murder in a New Years Eve shooting that left three dead.

“The strongest people Ive met have not been given an easier life,” Stacey Ervin Jr. posted on Instagram. “Theyve learned to create strength and happiness from dark places.”

Biles trauma began as a toddler, when she and her siblings were yanked from their mothers custody as she struggled with drug addiction, Biles wrote in an op-ed for CNN last year advocating for foster care investment.

“From there, we bounced around until I was six, and my grandparents made the brave move to adopt us,” Biles wrote.

She faced more agony at the hands of Nassar, who was convicted of sexually abusing her and dozens of other minor gymnasts under the guise of medical treatment.

Biles spent most of her childhood living with her grandfather and step-grandmother in Houston, while Biles-Thomas was raised by an aunt in Cleveland.

Thats where police said the 24-year-old gunned down three people at a house party on Dec. 31.

One of the victims, DeVaughn Gibson, was a well-known barber “with many dreams . . . to make his community a better place,” his family wrote on a website for a scholarship fund in his honor: the Barber Gibbs Dream Memorial Scholarship.

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