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Could clear plastic shorts be the next big menswear trend?

Yes, you should wear underwear with these clear plastic shorts (Picture: MaverickSwim)
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By Sunday Herald Team , in Fashion , at August 10, 2019

Yes, you should wear underwear with these clear plastic shorts (Picture: MaverickSwim)

Looking for a way to upgrade your summer wardrobe?

The answer might not be neon brights or a RompHim, but going transparent.

The clear plastic trend has been going strong in womenswear for, well, quite some time. Women have been convinced to buy see-through trousers, cling-film-esque dresses, and plastic shoes guaranteed to become evil sweat saunas.

Now, finally, the plastic trend might be heading into menswear.

People of the internet are greatly enjoying a product called the Berlin Transparent Waterproof Beach Short, made by beachwear brand MaverickSwim.

maverickswim clear plastic shorts
If youre shy about your upper thighs, this may not be the look for you (Picture: MaverickSwim)

Now, before we get into these shorts (or just peer right through them), its important to note that transparent shorts arent an entirely new thing – theyve been worn in the fetish scene for yonks.



But these particular shorts could be the tipping point that pushes plastic bottoms into the mainstream.

For just $26.99 (£23), men can don totally clear shorts that provide the perfect window to their, um, underpants. Because no, we would not recommend going commando in these.

The shorts have a snazzy neon green trim which invites easy matching with a brighter thong underneath, and a nice drawstring opening for comfort.

maverick swim clear plastic shorts with neon trim
But why hide? (Picture: MaverickSwim)

MaverickSwim recommends the shorts for the beach, but truly, why stop there?

Wear clear shorts for festivals, shopping trips, even the office if your workplace has a very lax dress code.

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