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Brides coffee-stained wedding dress doesnt go down well

Coffee stain or high fashion? (Picture: thats it im wedding shaming/Facebook)
No matter what you wea..

By Sunday Herald Team , in Fashion , at July 31, 2019

Coffee stain or high fashion? (Picture: thats it im wedding shaming/Facebook)

No matter what you wear on your wedding day, people will have thoughts.

Sometimes raising an eyebrow at a gown is justified – there have been some odd choices. Others have been cheap but spot on.

One womans unique sartorial choice for the big day, however, was rated as off the mark.

Sadly for the bride, her gown – with large brown streaks on the front and back – was slammed by members of a wedding shaming group.

They were not impressed by the coffee-stained look.

The dress on a mannequin
(Picture: thats it im wedding shaming/Facebook)

The floor-length gown was actually sent in by a friend of the bride on the group Thats It Im Wedding Shaming.

Clearly, she had no time for the dress as she wrote it looked like a massive stain.

She wrote: So she feels beautiful and loves her dress, which is ultimately what matters, however, all I see is what looks like a giant coffee stain on the front.



Others agreed, adding: It fits her well but the stain makes it look like one huge tampon.

Bride's facebook post saying she's picked the dress and is now looking to accessorize
The bride seems to like it (Picture: thats it im wedding shaming/Facebook)

Coffee down her front, period down her back who TF thought this was a good idea, quipped another.

One person said: I dont understand this at all, while another couldnt unsee the coffee: It could be nice but the front is gross and it does look like she spilt a pot of coffee.

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The big brown mark didnt alarm the bride at all who was more concerned with how to accesorise the outfit.

She wrote: Im so excited but Im really torn on accessories and makeup. I was going to go for a bold lip but love the natural look too.

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