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Shopper calls out Boohoo for sending her a playsuit with no way in or out

Help, I am trapped in a playsuit (Picture: Jam Press)
Playsuits are a load of faff in most cases.


By Sunday Herald Team , in Fashion , at July 27, 2019

Help, I am trapped in a playsuit (Picture: Jam Press)

Playsuits are a load of faff in most cases.

Theyre tricky to get on, they require total nudity when nipping to the toilet, and you need to be very, very lucky to have your torso to leg ratio match up with a playsuits proportions.

But playsuits are usually possible to wear, if not easy.

Not so in the case of Steph Thomas, 30, who was sent a playsuit from Boohoo that had no zips or opening to put it on – beyond a neckhole that most people would struggle to wriggle past their calves, let alone their hips.

Steph had paid £10.80 for a Tall Tailored Sleeveless Playsuit from Boohoo, and was stunned to find it had no zips or buttons when it arrived.

Assuming it was a fault, she tweeted Boohoo, writing: May I ask how you suggest I get into this playsuit which has no zips or openings?!



I cant fit my entire body through a neck hole, unfortunately…

The replacement item which was still impossible to put on
Steph struggled to fit her body inside the playsuits neck hole, even in the replacement item (Picture: Jam Press)

The brand quickly replied and offered a replacement. When the second playsuit arrived it did have a small opening… but Steph still couldnt get the playsuit on.

Yet again, she had to try to force her body through a neck hole – which didnt work, for obvious reasons.

She tweeted them again: Thanks @boohoo-cshelp @boohoo for sending me a replacement which HAS an opening!

However, I think the neck opening is still not quite big enough for somebody to fit their entire body through….I gave it my best shot and got
this far…

Boohoo playsuit on a model
Heres how the playsuit looks on a model. How did she get it on? We may never know (Picture: Boohoo/ Jam Press)

Along with her message Steph included photos of the playsuit failing to make it past her thighs.

Even if she had managed to squeeze it on, imagine how difficult it would have been to slide it back off every time she needed the toilet.

Steph said: It was totally stitched up! the replacement has the tiniest opening, meaning I had to fit my entire body through the neck.

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I know playsuits are sometimes hard to get into, but that was another level.

I would probably shop there again but letsRead More – Source