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Victoria Beckhams athleisure Reebok collection has arrived

Victoria Beckhams newest Reebok collab. (Picture: Reebok)
After spending the week sweating through t..

By Sunday Herald Team , in Fashion , at July 26, 2019

Victoria Beckhams newest Reebok collab. (Picture: Reebok)

After spending the week sweating through the better part of your wardrobe, theres no way you have trackpants, oversized jackets or bulky sneakers on the brain. Not a chance.

However, as fashion is a business rooted in forecasting, we bring you the second Reebok x Victoria Beckham collection.

The new line features womens and unisex clothes including bomber jackets, form-fitting leggings plus fashion nods to Poshs pre-Spice Girls dancer days with soft pink hues, a ballet headband and cropped sweatshirts.

Its been hailed as elevated streetwear which means absolutely nothing except that its in the realm of bougie athleisurewear, and you can bet it emanates that £200 t-shirt energy. Heres a video of angry hotties to prove it:

In a league of their own are the trousers. First up, theres the slouchy boyfriend trackpants that look comfy enough to curl up and die in.



Then theres the black snap trousers which feature concealed snap buttons that mean you can go from business boss to a total ankle-bearer, if you dare.

Signing off the devils threesome are these double-front cargos described as being military style, despite the military not typically being known for their ultra-baggy boogaloo trousers.

Victoria revealed that her love of running and dancing inspired the collection.

Working out makes me feel strong and empowered and that ethos is reflected throughout the collection, she said in a statement.

The second Victoria Beckham x Reebok collection. (Picture: Reebok)

Shes also included a multi-purpose gym bag in the Reebook collection, and it unfurls as a crossbody bag, or cinches up as a backpack. Its £179.95, but at least you can wear it twice.

So, how much will it cost for the rest of the athleisure pie? Prices start at £29.95 for ankle socks and climb to £300 and beyond for bomber jackets, cargos and snap trousers.

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