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Woman discovers how dirty her bras really are, even after a machine wash

How dirty is your bra? (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)
Need a reminder to chuck your bra in the ..

By Sunday Herald Team , in Fashion , at July 19, 2019

How dirty is your bra? (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Need a reminder to chuck your bra in the laundry basket?

Learn from the horror of one woman, who discovered just how dirty her bras truly are – even after running them through the washing machine.

Posting in the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, the woman shared a photo of the filthy brown water that formed as a result of soaking her bras in a strip wash.

The woman said she put six of her bras in a tub straight after theyd been removed from the washing machine, which hints at just how much dirt a regular wash might not be able to clear.

She added detergent, left the bras to soak for an hour and a half, and returned to find the water had turned a murky brown.

She sums it up best with her reaction: I did the soak thing on 6 of my bras… ewwwww.

the dirt that came out of strip washing six bras
One womans strip wash resulted in murky brown water (Picture: Facebook)

Now, as gross as the water may look, theres no evidence that lingering dirt on your bras will do you any harm.



If your skin isnt irritated and youre feeling grand, you dont need to panic.

But if youre into feeling clean and dont like the idea of wearing secretly grubby underwear, this is a worthwhile reminder to wash your bra a little more frequently.

Thatll also help prevent the smell of being wedged against your underarms and underboob sweat all day.

We spoke to an expert, who told us that we should be washing our bras after every single wear.

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That might not be feasible, unless you happen to have a massive wardrobe of bras so you can pick out a fresh one each day, but it gives you an idea of whats ideal. If youve been washing your bra once a month, its likely to be quite dirty.

Washing a bra every two or three wears feels more doable, and will make sure your lingerie isnt sitting in its own filth.

And then, when youre feeling curious and want to see exactly how much dirt is lurking in your bras material, its time for a strip wash.

This is essentially the proper way to let something soak. You place the item in a container with boiling hot water, add laundry detergent, and soak for a few hours. Behold the grimy water that your left with, be suitably disturbed, then chuck the item in a washing macRead More – Source