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Woman, 58, thought model agencys messages were a scam – now shes working with big brands like Primark

Evon has modelled for lots of brands in the last three years (Pictures: JD Williams/Renaissance maga..

By Sunday Herald Team , in Fashion , at July 12, 2019

Evon has modelled for lots of brands in the last three years (Pictures: JD Williams/Renaissance magazine)

When Evon Brennan received a message on LinkedIn asking if she would consider being a model, she assumed it was a scam.

She had never modelled before and she thought as she was in her fifties, it wouldnt be something she could do.

Evon, now 58, was contacted by Fleur Brady, one of the co-founders of Mrs Robinson management modelling agency – but Evon just deleted the message.

Fleur persisted, sending more messages and trying to contact Evon. She had spotted her on Instagram and thought she would be perfect to sign up for their modelling agency that focuses on representing older women.

Evon, who lives in London, tells They contacted me, just out of the blue. I kept getting all these messages like in my LinkedIn, and then phone calls, and I was deleting everything as I didnt know them.



I thought it was a scam. I heard modeling and I thought “no way”. I just didnt take it seriously or anything.

I think maybe I was very frightened. Maybe I didnt see myself as a model or I had a bad impression of what it means to be a model.

Luckily, Fleur persisted and eventually Evon decided to go and meet her.

Evon adds: She hassled me for about a year. I was studying at the time and eventually found out their offices just around the corner from where I was studying literature.

Eventually, I thought to get them off my back, I would just go and see them.

Evon Brennan older model
Evon was featured in the Primark beauty campaign (Picture: Primark/Sarah Brown)

I met Fleur Brady, who was Irish and Im half Irish so thats a really nice connection. I met her partner Rebi and they were just really nice people.

The next thing I knew, Id said ok but I still didnt take it seriously.

Within three or four days, I was asked to go to Germany for a shoot with Schwarzkopf.

Since then, Evon has featured in campaigns for brands including JD Williams and Primark.

Its been great but its taken me three years to finally say, I love this, she said.

Evon Brennan older model
Over the last three years, her work has taken her across the world (Picture: JD Williams Company/Elisabeth Hoff)

Mrs Robinson is exceptional. They understand what is like to be an older woman. They make sure you are treated respectably, you have rest breaks and you are comfortable. I probably wouldnt still be doing this if it wasnt for them.



Now having worked extensively in the industry, Evon has a much greater understanding of how everything works and says she particularly enjoys seeing everyone bring their talents together for a shoot.

Everyone is phenomenally talent, from the models, up to the creative director, to the marketing, to the stylists, she tells us.

Evon Brennan older model
Evon says she loves working with JD Williams (Picture: JD Williams Company/Elisabeth Hoff)

It takes so much to get one photograph. I dont think I quite understood the creativity and work behind it before. I dont think I realised how difficult it was to get that one shot.

Evon has also watched her 20-year-old son Callum Stoddart take up a modelling career at the same time.

Hes doing all the big brands and he loves it. He really loves travelling and the freedom, Evon says.

I think, for me, I like that I have my real life to go back to. You are on somebody elses routine. It can be some very early mornings, long days and sometimes you can be waiting around for hours.

I am writing a novel at the minute so I can use that time to write so that does suit me.

Being an older model in this industry does make Evon feel different but says most of the time, her age is irrelevant.

She laughs: I went for a casting yesterday and I was the oldest person there. The guy went to get me a chair and I said “Im seven months pregnant but its fine”. I think I just had to joke about it.


But most of the time age doesnt matter – its all about personality. This industry is changing.

At my first casting, I was just blown away by all the glamourous grey-haired ladies and I thought “gosh, am I part of that?”

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