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Family of woman killed by shark in the Bahamas blames tourism company

The family of a California woman who was killed by a shark during a snorkeling excursion in the Bahamas blamed the tour company for not doing enough to save her life.

The relatives of 21-year-old Jordan Lindsey called on tour companies to update their safety protocols and “ensure a tragedy like this does not happen again.”

“We would not be able to live with ourselves if we didnt speak out and later hear that another family suffered the same devastating loss,” read a statement released by the family on Tuesday.

Lindsey was on vacation when she was attacked inside a roped-off snorkeling area during a day excursion to Rose Island on June 26.

The family also claims there were no guides or staff members from the tour company, Sandy Toes, in the water with the tour group when the shark attacked.

“There was no medical attention provided to Jordan,” the statement said. “They had no f

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