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The Trending Store is AI-powered and only sells things popular on social media

Westfield London launches The Trending Store – the first ever AI-powered shop (Picture: PA)
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By Sunday Herald Team , in Fashion , at July 7, 2019

Westfield London launches The Trending Store – the first ever AI-powered shop (Picture: PA)

Social media is a great way to see what people are wearing, eating, and doing.

So one whole fashion store is planning to sell only the things popular on the Gram and the like.

Aptly named The Trending Store, it will stock 100 of the most ubiquitous items on social media at a pop-up at Londons Westfield using AI technology.

Each day, shoppers can gander through the most well-liked pieces before a whole new bunch of items are bought in the next day.

And its all for a good cause as the proceeds go to charity Save the Children.

Women shopping at The Trending store
Its all for charity (Picture: PA)

Sadly though there wont be items based on viral trends, such as fidget spinners or a Tangle Teezer hairbrush, as its only based on fashion items.

Using the power of artificial intelligence, Next Atlas will track over 400,000 fashion influencers in 1,000 cities to figure out what items of clothing and accessories are popular that day.



Then, from the stores available at Westfield, a team of stylists will go on the search for the top 100 items.

So we imagine a lot of folks will be sifting through Zara aisles looking for that polka dot dress.

A customer shops at The Trending Store,
The pop up is only based on fashion items (Picture: Isabel Infantes/PA)

Westfields marketing chief Myf Ryan explained: Online, shoppers are inspired by influencers and used to being guided by AI, with products served to them based on their behaviour.

Usually, this guidance does not translate to a physical retail space, however, working with data analysts, NextAtlas, we are able to bring our shoppers products that are trending in real time – a true reflection of social conversation brought to life in a physical space.

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