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Letitia James joins with ACLU to block census citizenship question

New York Attorney General Letitia James joined with the ACLU on Friday night in filing a motion in the Southern District of New York to block the Trump administration from delaying the printing of the 2020 census questionnaire or changing it to include a citizenship question.

In its motion, James and the civil liberties group argue that the Supreme Court has already ordered that the questionnaire couldnt be altered after June 30.

The White House had previously supported that hard deadline, but now wants more time to change the questionnaire, given last weeks Supreme Court decision indefinitely delaying a citizenship question.

“What is clear is that Defendants are out of time for a do over,'” James said in a press release.

“Defendants heads I win, tails well see approach undermines confidence in both their ability to conduct the 2020 Census and public confidence in the courts and the rule of law.”

The ACLU accused the administration of “lawlessness” in its own statement.

“The Trump administration repeatedly argued the census forms could not be altered after June 30. Theyve now changed their tune because the Supreme Court ruled against them. They cant have it both ways. Trumps lawlessness will not go unanswered,” Dale Ho, director of the ACLUs Voting Rights Project, said.

Trump on Friday said hes considering invoking an executive order to include the citizenship question on the census.

“Were thinking about doing that. We have four or five ways we can do it, its one of the ways that were thinking about doing it. So well see what happens,”

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