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Woman allegedly tried to catch husband cheating by faking own murder

A Utah woman faces charges after she tried to catch her husband cheating by faking her own murder, authorities said.

Rebecca Nielson, 44, of Bluffdale, was arrested Tuesday after she stole her husbands phone to send concerning texts to his supposed mistress, news station KUTV reported.

In a series of messages, Nielson posed as her husband, Shaun Dudley, claiming that he had shot his wife and she was dead.

The other woman, who wasnt identified, called 911 to report the murder. She told police that she responded to the messages by asking whether to call an ambulance and received a message that said “yes.”

But emergency responders arrived to the couples home to find Nielson alive. Her husband told police that he got into an argument with Nielson around 10 p.m. Monday about him talking to the woman.

He claimed she took his phone and left the house. Nielson also took her spouses laptop and threw it on the ground, smashing the screen, authorities said.

During a police interview, Nielson admitted to taking her husbands phone and pre

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