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Parents claim baby suffered a brain bleed after being slapped at daycare

A baby boy suffered a brain-bleed after being slapped so hard at nursery it left a hand-shaped bruise on his face, reports claim.

Six-month-old Glen Braun was allegedly hit so hard that his mother Sarah Braun said he was vomiting when she picked him up from daycare in Shawnee, Kan. last Thursday.

The boys dad Brett told WDAF he too was deeply concerned about his son.

“As soon as I started holding him, he vomited all over me,” he said. “He had a red mark on his face.”

Sarah said the daycare worker told her that Glen may have been injured by another child.

Signs of Abuse

But the couple claim doctors said there were “signs of abuse.”

Police and child services were then called in to investigate after Glens injuries were revealed by medics at Childrens Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

“The head C.T. scan showed that he had a brain bleed,” Glens father said. “From there they told us there were signs of abuse.”

He added, “I mean he is six months old. I dont know how anyone could ever hit him or do anything to him.

A six-month old baby endured a brain bleed in Kansas after being slapped at daycare.WDAF

“I dont really know what to say. We did all the prope

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