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Gambler left dementia-sufferer grandma in cold car wearing soiled diaper for 16 hours

Wesley Brown, 29, was arrested for leaving his grandmother in a freezing car while he gambled at the..

By Sunday Herald Team , in World Update , at May 31, 2019

Wesley Brown, Potawatomi Casino, endangerment, grandmother

Wesley Brown, 29, was arrested for leaving his grandmother in a freezing car while he gambled at the Potawatomi Casino and Hotel for 16 hours (Picture: Wisconsin Police Department/ Google Maps)

A man allegedly locked his dementia-stricken grandmother in a freezing car wearing a soiled diaper so he could gamble for 16 hours.

Wesley Brown, 29, was arrested this week for leaving the 76 year-old in his car on December 14 in frigid 37F (2.7C) temperatures while he was at the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Officers were called to the casino when a security guard saw the car that was not running, but had its windows fogged up indicating someone may be inside.

The security officer approached the car and saw the woman yelling and pounding on the car window. He tried to open the doors, but they were locked, Fox News reported.

Brown came out after he was paged by the casino and unlocked the vehicle.

Slot machines with shining colorful displays in a casino

Brown had been gambling in the casino for 16 hours while his grandmother sat in his freezing car without food or water (File Picture: Getty Images)

Police were called and found the woman in the backseat of the car with a seat belt so tight it became embedded in her skin – and had to be cut off with a knife.



Authorities wrote in a criminal complaint that the woman was wearing a dirty diaper and seemed confused and didnt understand (the officers) questions.

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After checking surveillance footage of the parking lot, police determined that the woman had been in the car alone, with no food or water, for 16 hoRead More – Source