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Sweden one step closer to getting a US ambassador – after more than two years

The role has been empty since January 2017 when President Donald Trump took office. It's alread..

By Sunday Herald Team , in World Update , at May 29, 2019

The role has been empty since January 2017 when President Donald Trump took office. It's already made the history books: not in the last century has Sweden gone this long without a US ambassador.

Seven months ago, Trump nominated Ken Howery – an entrepreneur and venture capitalist from Texas, who co-founded Paypal with Elon Musk – for the role, as The Local reported at the time.

Howery's appointment is not yet official though, as he must first be approved by the US Senate.

In a speech to the US Senate at his nomination hearing last week, Howery highlighted the long-standing relationship between his country and Sweden, one of the first countries to formally recognize the US.

"If confirmed, I will devote myself to deepening that legacy, emphasizing economic and security partnerships. American-Swedish trade already encompasses everything from medicines and machine parts to clothing and furniture; you can find iPhones in H&M pockets, and Ikea desks in American homes," he said, also highlighting Sweden's role in the tech and startup industries.

Howery will now need to be confirmed in a final vote in the Senate, for which a date has not been set, but Swedish public broadcaster SVT reports he could start after the summer if the process runs smoothly.

"We have no opinion on the process for appointing an American ambassador to Sweden. However, we do look forward to welcoming the next ambassador when they have been confirmed by the US Congress," Rasmus Eljanskog, a spokesperson for the Swedish foreign ministry, told SVT.

In the meantime, the US embassy in Stockholm has been run by a series of three chargés d'affairs.

"Cooperation with the chargé has worked well and the lack of an ambassador has had no practical consequences for the contact between the embassy and the government office," said Eljanskog.

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