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Frank Warren wants Billy Joe Saunders vs Callum Smith and reveals 12-month plan for Tyson Fury

Billy Joe Saunders has got to beat Shefat Isufi, but hes got to look good doing it. Lose, and its a ..

By Sunday Herald Team , in Sports , at May 18, 2019

Billy Joe Saunders has got to beat Shefat Isufi, but hes got to look good doing it. Lose, and its a hard road back for Bill. Fighters can have losses, but not this weekend. Moving up to super-middleweight gives him more options. He can also emulate the likes of Joe Calzaghe by becoming a two-weight world champion.

Hes more than capable of stepping up to the plate, but its got to be a good performance. Then hell be right back in the mix. Everything thats been asked of Bill in the ring, hes done – its outside the ropes where hes fallen down. Isufi will be the bigger man and hes undefeated at super-middleweight. Bill has to deal with that.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Philip Sharkey/TGS Photo/REX (10238599i) Billy Joe Saunders (L) and Shefat Isufi during a Press Conference at Knebworth House on 16th May 2019 Frank Warren & Queensberry Promotions Press Conference, Boxing, Knebworth House, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom - 16 May 2019
Saunders can become a two-weight champion this weekend (Picture: Rex Features)

Providing he wins, the fight we most want to make next is an all-British clash with Callum Smith. Ive spoken with Joe Gallagher and he said theyd consider it next year. But, if Bill wins then we can put pressure on them to take the fight. A unification fight, a domestic showdown and two quality operators – its the obvious fight.



Its no secret, Bill is the most avoided fighter at middleweight. Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin dodge him for a reason. Everyone knows the Billy Joe Saunders who schooled David Lemieux is capable of beating anyone. I want to see Bill fulfil his potential. He can be one of the best fighters of his generation. One on one, Bill is engaging and honest. But when hes got time on his hands, surrounded by stupid people, he gets himself in trouble. I like to believe thats all behind him now.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 14: Deontay Wilder and Jay Deas during a media work out at Gleason's Gym on May 14, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)
Wilder doubled down on his death threats this week (Picture: Getty)

I expect Deontay Wilder to win this weekend. We dont want anything happening that might jeopardise the rematch with Tyson Fury. However, I will say Wilders death threats are out of order. Boxing is a very dangerous sport, God forbid anything terrible happens to Dominic Breazeale. How would he explain himself to the guys family?

He doesnt need to say those things. Fighters are accessible, which means they can sometimes say stupid things. Wilder flicks a switch in fight week, but theres no need to demean himself and Breazeale with those kind of comments. We want Wilder to win this weekend, but I think Breazeale will give him a fight.

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Our plan with Tyson is to rematch Wilder and fight Anthony Joshua in the next 12 months. Well build the Tyson brand in the States and if we do that right, we can make those fights happen. Weve resurrected Tyson here and once we repeat that Stateside, we can then deliver those fights. What are the chances of Wilder and Tyson fighting by early 2020? 100 per cent. The Joshua fight? The other side have to see sense, but I think they will.



Tyson isnt the problem, hell fight anyone, case and point: Dillian Whyte. However, that fight would have to happen in the UK and for now, our plan is to have Tyson fight in the States. I feel for Whyte, hes put all his eggs in Eddie Hearns basket and hes not delivered for him. I cant see Whyte beating Tyson or Wilder, but I give him a chance against Joshua. Whyte is also a great fight for Tyson. He isnt a big, big puncher and doesnt have a hope of out-boxing Tyson. But, Im not wholly sold on that fight at the moment.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt West/BPI/REX (10225226k) Anthony Joshua during the training session Anthony Joshua Training Session, Boxing, The English Institute of Sport, Sheffield, UK - 01 May 2019
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