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Boss of Notre Dame repair firm boasted about protecting historic sites

The head of the construction firm in charge of repairing the spire of Notre Dame boasted about the c..

By Sunday Herald Team , in World Update , at April 17, 2019

The head of the construction firm in charge of repairing the spire of Notre Dame boasted about the companys ability to keep historic buildings safe.

Workers from Le Bras Freres are being probed by investigators after the fire which broke out yesterday devastating much of the 850-year-old cathedral.

The companys CEO, Julian Le Bras, 32 who previously said protecting historic buildings was in our DNA has offered full cooperation to authorities.

Young construction boss at centre of Notre Dame fire probe boasted about his firm's ability to protect historic sites Julien Le Bras Picture: Le Bras Fr?res METROGRAB **LEGAL OKAY - CLEARED WITH NEWS DESK

Construction boss Julian Le Bras is at the centre of the Notre Dame fire probe

A €5.8 million (£5 millon) contract was awarded to La Bras Freres, known as the Cathedral Restorers, to renovate the spire of the Medieval building.

Investigators say the inferno may have started in a cavity of the roof below the spire where workers would have been using electric tools.

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Officials have claimed renovation work could be linked to the blaze but the investigation is still in its early stages.



Paris Prosecutor Remy Heitz has said there is nothing to suggest the fire was started deliberately.

The blaze was first discovered around 6.50pm but workers are reported to have stopped working between 5pm and 5.30pm, reports Mail Online.

Officials say an alarm first went off at 6.20pm during a mass but no fire was found until a second alarm rang at 6.43pm.

In a video posted on Mr Le Bras Facebook page on New Years Eve, he says: We are proud of our work on historic buildings. We have the technical ability and the competence for his work.

Our first thought is to protect the values of historical buildings, its in our DNA.

We are completely ready to start work in 2019 and we are very well motivated. The team is ready and we have the know-how.

In this image made available on Tuesday April 16, 2019 flames and smoke rise from the blaze at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, Monday, April 15, 2019. An inferno that raged through Notre Dame Cathedral for more than 12 hours destroyed its spire and its roof but spared its twin medieval bell towers, and a frantic rescue effort saved the monument's "most precious treasures," including the Crown of Thorns purportedly worn by Jesus, officials said Tuesday. (AP Photo/Cedric Herpson)

The blaze devastated large parts of the Medieval cathedral (Picture: AP)

According to a 2014 audit renovation of iconic Parisian site was estimated to cost around €150 million (£130 million) in total and €6 million (£5 million) for the 105m tall La Fleche spire.

Speaking to reporters, Mr Le Bras saiRead More – Source