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#MySweden: ‘There’s nothing we need that’s more than a few minutes away’

Erin Gisby-Fears. Photo: Private

Erin Gisby-Fears from Los Angeles shows us around her neighbo..

By Sunday Herald Team , in World Update , at April 12, 2019

Erin Gisby-Fears. Photo: Private

Erin Gisby-Fears from Los Angeles shows us around her neighbourhood in southern Stockholm.

How old are you and what do you normally spend your days doing?

I am 32 years old, and I normally work as a digital content strategist at a game company Monday to Friday. On my free time I love meeting up with my girl squad for after works and stand-up comedy, going to film screenings and plays with my husband who is an actor, and checking out new things that might challenge my status quo. Like I just learned to play Dungeons and Dragons, can you believe it!

When and why did you move to your neighbourhood?

I've just moved to Årstadal which is the area right by the water in Liljeholmen in southern Stockholm. Previously I lived in Bagarmossen for many years, so this is a big difference from the leafy, hippie enclave that I had come to love. We really needed to move into our own two-bedroom apartment though. So when finally we got a great new-build first-hand contract from the queue, we had to seize the opportunity.

What do you love the most about your neighbourhood?

Årstadal has more of a city pulse, and much less greenery than Bagarmossen. But it is super nice being a short 10 minute walk from Hornstull and being connected to literally every form of transportation that runs through Stockholm. That is a godsend! There is nothing we need that's more than a few minutes away, and it's much easier to pop into the inner city to meet a friend, or check out an event than before.

What annoys you the most about your neighbourhood?

So far it is all of the construction. When we moved into our complex it was still being built, so I am really looking forward to seeing the last construction vehicle drive away into the sunset!

How should I spend a day in your neighbourhood?

If you want to spend a day in my neighbourhood I think that you should first head to original Brisket & Friends for finger-licking good BBQ in the remaining industrial area.

Then you should go for a nice walk down the Årstaviken nature trail toward Skanstull, and enjoy all the gorgeous nature the Stockholm coasts have to offer. You can then cross the bridge at Skanstull and walk back on the Södermalm side of the water, maybe stopping to play some boules in Tantolunden before heading back across the bridge and going for a quick swim in the sun from one of the many sunbathing docks in Årstadal.

Finish up with burgers and beers at Bröderna on the water and head home for a nap. You'll need it!

What's a fun fact not everyone knows about your neighbourhood?

Hmm, a fun fact… I don't really know. Maybe that there used to be a lot of raves in the area before they tore down all the warehouses to start building housing?

For my final post Id really like to share one of my most proud moments here…the moment I became a Swedish citizen ! ?? In the USA as in most countries , youre born into the nationality you are. Its not really a choice. But to move to a new country learn their obscure language, and become a citizen there, feels almost like a marriage. ?I got to choose the country with the culture I wanted to be apart of, and the country I thought I could contribute too. ?? I didnt think at the time thatRead More – Source