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Magical bean bag onesie lets you sit wherever you go

(Picture: ThinkGeek)
You know that creeping feeling of dread when you realise youll need to stand fo..

By Sunday Herald Team , in Fashion , at April 12, 2019

(Picture: ThinkGeek)

You know that creeping feeling of dread when you realise youll need to stand for a prolonged period of time?

All the chairs in the pub are taken. The gig is standing, but its 8pm and the support act arent even on yet. Your manager thinks standing meetings are better for productivity and active thinking.

These are terrible moments, but thankfully, theres now a solution.

Behold the bean bag onesie – an all in one outfit that gives you a comfy seat wherever you go.

ThinkGeek, where the stylish item is sold, describe the onesie as ideal for times when youre waiting in line for midnight premieres, product launches, and meet-and-greets, but we say: why stop there?

We could wear this all day, every day.

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No more staring at someone until they give you their seat on the Tube. No more human interactions where you have to force yourself to stand and chat, as if youd not rather be lounging.



Its designed in green cotton, so is the perfect option for every occasion – work, parties, funerals. Youll be able to sit wherever you please, and thus be the envy of all those who behold you.

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Just make sure youre not pals with any neer-do-wells who will think its funny to snip a hole in your seat and watch all the beans fall out. You dont need those kind of people in your life.

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If you fancy buying this fashion-forward creation, you can do so for the price of $89.99 (£69).

Alternatively, pick up a bean bag from Ikea and sew it on to an outfit of your choosing. ThereRead More – Source