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Woman convicted of having sex with dog charged with bank robbery

A woman who was found guilty of having sex with a dog has now been charged with bank robbery.


By Sunday Herald Team , in World Update , at April 10, 2019

A woman who was found guilty of having sex with a dog has now been charged with bank robbery.

Amber Finney, 35, who was the first person to be convicted of bestiality in Ohio, was arrested shortly after allegedly robbing a Chase bank in Warren, Ohio in February after police followed her footprints in the snow to a nearby house.

Police say Finney walked into the bank wearing a large hooded sweatshirt and handed a teller a note demanding $1,000, saying that she didnt want to hurt the woman.

Amber Finney is now charged with robbing a bank in Warren, Ohio and remains on probation for bestiality (Picture: Trumbull Sheriffs Office)

Finney is charged with robbing this Chase bank in Warren, Ohio in February (Picture : Google Maps)

Finney fled the bank with the stolen money and was seen meeting up with a man in the parking lot before her arrest, WFMJ reported. The man was later identified to be 30-year-old Richard Williams, who has been charged in connection to the bank robbery.



Police said a 15-year-old boy also faces charges related to the heist, but authorities have not elaborated on the teens identity or the charges he faces.

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After authorities followed Finneys tracks in the snow to the home she was hiding at, the owner went inside and brought the alleged her out to be arrested, police said.

She was taken to the Trumbull County jail and is set to appear in court on Thursday.

Finney, who has three paw prints tattooed on her left shoulder, is still on probation for her 2017 bestiality conviction after a video surfaced that showed her participating in a sex act with a dog.

WARREN, OHIO A woman who is currently on probation for bestiality has been indicted by a Trumbull County Grand Jury on one charge of robbery. 35-year-old Amber Finney is accused of robbing Chase Bank on West Market Street in Warren back in February. According to police, employees at the bank said a woman, later identified as Finney, walked into the bank and handed a teller a note. Finney was reportedly carrying a large purse, with her face covered in a hood, and told the teller "she did not want to hurt her." The teller reportedly told Finney that she could only dispense $1,000 at a time. A report says Finney took the $1.000 and walked out of the bank. Bank employees reportedly told police they saw Finney walk outside and meet up with a man who was standing in the pa</br><a href=><strong>Read More – Source</strong></a></p>
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