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Beagles set to be slaughtered after painful lab tests are saved by animal shelter

A group of beagles that were set to be slaughtered after being subjected to painful pesticide lab te..

By Sunday Herald Team , in World Update , at April 10, 2019

A group of beagles that were set to be slaughtered after being subjected to painful pesticide lab tests have been rescued by an animal shelter.

The dogs arrived at Michigan Humane Society Tuesday, almost a month after news of their impending deaths first sparked an outcry. They are now likely to be rehomed.

Michigan Humane Society shared a snap of a volunteer with one of the dogs on their Facebook page.

One of the rescued lab beagles pictured with a worker from the Michigan Humane Society. They will now monitor the dogs to ascertain which kind of home would suit them best (Picture: Michigan Humane Society/Facebook)

They said: We are happy to announce that the beagles from the study are now in our care.

The process of evaluating each one of them to determine the optimal placement option will likely take several weeks.

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A timeframe for when these beagles will be available for adoption and details regarding adoption applications will be announced via our social channels.



Our focus right now is on working toward positive re-homing opportunities for each of the animals.

At least one commenter who has rehomed a beagle previously used for lab tests warned that the dogs find it much harder to adjust to the life of a pet because of the pain theyve had to endure at the hands of people.

A grab from a video showing one of the disturbing experiments inflicted on the beagles at the West Michigan lab (Picture: Humane Society of America)

Last month, it was reported the beagles would be killed so their organs could be examined to see what damage theyd sustained during the pesticide tests.

This was to try and ascertain whether those chemicals would likely pose a risk to humans.

They had been due to be killed in early July.

The Humane Society of America said that 36 beagles were chosen for the painful study, witRead More – Source