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Kyle Walker somehow avoids red card after VAR review for headbutt on Alireza Jahanbakhsh

City were lucky to end the half with eleven men (Picture: Getty)
Kyle Walker was lucky to avoid a re..

By Sunday Herald Team , in Sports , at April 7, 2019

City were lucky to end the half with eleven men (Picture: Getty)

Kyle Walker was lucky to avoid a red card after a VAR review decided against sending the Manchester City full-back off for a headbutt on Alireza Jahanbakhsh.

City and Brighton and Hove Albion were contesting the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley when there was an altercation between Jahanbakhsh and Walker after the half hour mark.

The City defender reacted angrily to a shove in the back from Jahanbakhsh and with both players forehead to forehead, Walker appears to aim a headbutt at his opponent.

Walker clashed with Jahanbakhsh (Picture: Getty)
Walker makes a clear movement of his head towards Jahanbakhsh (Picture: Getty)

Walkers movement fails to connect with Jahanbakhsh and brushes down the wingers face as he moves backwards, FA rules state there only needs to be an attempt to strike an opponent for an offence to occur.



The decision was reviewed by VAR, but referee Anthony Taylor and his team decided against sending Walker off. Pep Guardiola then hooked Walker at half-time for Danilo.

BBCs punditry team agreed Walker was fortunate to avoid a red card, with Martin Keown saying on commentary: He should have been sent off. When you see the slow-mo, he leans his head in. He gets away with it.

Alan Shearer echoed Keowns comments at half time, while football fans were left baffled by the decision.

I recon Walker owes the Brighton lad and players a debt of gratitude… how many players drop to the ground when this happens ? pic.twitter.com/hcGeCSNFVg

— Carl Oakes (@oakieone) April 6, 2019

VAR CHECK! Kyle Walker could be getting sent off here. He's gone to headbutt Jahanbakhsh but it's not given. He's so lucky. #MCFC #BHAFC


— Football Tweet (@Football__Tweet) April 6, 2019

Football really needs to get VAR sorted. Kyle Walker should be walking to the dressing room. As soft as it is, violent conduct. Why is he using his head at all in a heated debate? Pathetic @fa

— ????????. ????????? (@jdhopkins) April 6, 2019

Walker received a yellow card (Picture: Getty)

Thats a red card for Kyle Walker. Not happening because he plays for Manchester City. Fucking disgrace.

— Luke Beaumont (@MLShocker) April 6, 2019

Walker not sent off for a headbutt. City get all the luck. Theyd be out of the cups and 7th in the league if they werent getting all the decisions.

— Paul (@PauI16_) April 6, 2019

How was Walker not went off for that headbutt! #Var #cityvbhafc

— Ged Dolan (@geddolan)


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