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Creative minds come together at Effat Film Festival in Jeddah

Author: Ameera AbidID: 1554495499629847000Fri, 2019-04-05 23:17

JEDDAH: Young filmmakers and acto..

By Sunday Herald Team , in Middle East , at April 6, 2019

Author: Ameera AbidID: 1554495499629847000Fri, 2019-04-05 23:17

JEDDAH: Young filmmakers and actors have gathered to present their best work in the 6th Visual and Digital Production (VDP) Showreel at the Effat Film Festival. The four-day event brought together not only the passionate students from Effat University, but other people associated with the film industry inside and outside of Saudi Arabia.
“Especially in 2019, the whole field is blooming, with all these film festivals happening in Saudi Arabia. Our first commercial film was in the cinemas recently. All of this is very thrilling,” said actor and filmmaker Khalid Eslam. “I always say that the most crucial part of this development is that now is our chance to write our own stories. For too long have other people been telling our stories; it is finally time for us to tell what actually happens here.”
Eslams movie, called “Rollem,” was screened in cinemas across the Kingdom. He said: “It felt like I was losing a part of my family, I felt sad for the character in the movie.”
The event was divided in two parts: An exhibition with the posters for the 10 short movies, which were designed by the students, and the screenings of the movies. The VDP program at Effat University, headed by Chair Dr. Mohammed Ghazala, is as pioneer of womens education in the field of cinematic arts.
Joanna Al-Fattani, the art director of the 6th VDP Showreel and a member of the student council, said: “The country itself is evolving right now, and they are paying much more attention to womens rights. Through this festival, students were given a chance to convey their message to the world.”
Many international personalities also visited the film festival, such as Abdul Rahman Lahy from Mauritania and Sam Lahoud from Egypt.
Fatima Al-Banawi from Saudi Arabia also participated in the festival.
A former student of the university, she told the festival visitors: “Coming to Effat felt like returning home.”
The 10 movies were presented to a full auditorium. Each one found a distinctive way putting forth the messaRead More – Source

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