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Horrifying moment drug-dealing cop beats suicidal hospital patient

This is the horrifying moment a drug-dealing cop was filmed beating a suicidal hospital patient.


By Sunday Herald Team , in World Update , at April 5, 2019

This is the horrifying moment a drug-dealing cop was filmed beating a suicidal hospital patient.

The March 2018 video shows Ruben McAusland from Patterson Police Department in New Jersey ruthlessly slapping Andrew Casciano, who was being treated for attempted suicide. The footage was made public last week and became a crucial piece of evidence in McAuslands conviction for assault, cover-up, and dealing heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

Five other officers were also charged in the federal corruption investigation, including McAuslands partner, Roger Then, who filmed the incident in the hospital room and blamed McAuslands high rank for his inaction, claiming: Since he was my senior officer, I had to do whatever he said, no questions asked.

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FBI agents arrested Paterson police officer Daniel Pent on March 26, accusing him of taking money from people during illegal traffic stops while he was on patrol in the city. Courtesy of the Paterson Police Department

Ruben McAusland was arrested and sentenced to more than five years in jail for assault, drug-dealing, and corruption. (Picture: Paterson Police Department)

McAusland and Then were reportedly alone in the room with Casciano, who began hurling insults at the pair of officers. Then took out his cellphone and began recording. He momentarily turned the camera on himself as he flashed a big smile, before turning to film McAusland, who put on a pair of latex gloves and approached Casciano lying in the hospital bed.



You got the right guy today, McAusland said before viciously slapping Casciano twice. With each strike, fresh blood splashed across the white bedding. The beating reportedly came seconds after Casciano called the cop a pussy.

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I aint playing with you, McAusland said, as Casciano covers up anticipating another slap.

The officer was also filmed punching Casciano as he sat in a wheelchair in the hospital waiting room. Prosecutors said Casciano sustained multiple face injuries during the attack, including an eye injury that required surgery, according to the Washington Post.

Last week, McAusland was sentenced to five years in prison and the video of his assault on Casciano was used as evidence in court. The officer addressed it by claiming his lRead More – Source