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Brian Michael Rini named as faker who pretended to be missing Timmothy Pitzen

The FBI have named 24 year-old convicted burglar Brian Michael Rini as the man who caused a sensatio..

By Sunday Herald Team , in World Update , at April 5, 2019

The FBI have named 24 year-old convicted burglar Brian Michael Rini as the man who caused a sensation after claiming to be missing child Timmothy Pitzen.

Rini, of Medina in Ohio, was exposed as an alleged scammer after the FBI took a DNA sample in the hope of finally finding Timmothy, last seen alive in 2011 aged six.

The alleged hoaxer, who has also been convicted of vandalism, reportedly approached passers-by in Newport, Kentucky, on Wednesday afternoon claiming to be Timmothy, and telling him that he had just escaped two well-build kidnappers who were holding him captive in a nearby Red Roof Inn hotel

Brian Michael Rini has been named as the man who pretended to be missing Timmothy Ritzen

Federal investigators have not yet shared a motive for Rinis alleged deception, but he is said to have a history of making false police reports. One local news channel claimed that he was released from prison just last month.



The FBI did not specify whether Rini admitted to his true identity after being confronted with the results of todays DNA test, or gave any excuse as to why he allegedly pretended to be Timmothy.

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Timmothy vanished in May 2011 after being picked up from school by his mother Amy Fry-Pitzen, 43. She took him on a three day vacation to Wisconsin, visiting a zoo and two water parks, before killing herself in a hotel room.

She left a suicide note saying that Timmothy had been left with someone who loved him, and added Youll never find him.

Rinis exposure as an alleged con-artist is set to be a crushing blow to Timmothys grandmother Alana Anderson, who said she was cautiously hopeful that yesterdays shock appearance would be verified, and that she would finally be able to welcome her young grandson home.

This photo is alleged to show Brian Michael Rini, 24, who stunned passersby in Newport, Kentucky, by claiming to be missing Timmothy Pitzen (Picture: CBS Chicago)

Rini is said to have concocted an elaborate story about escaping his kidnappers, who he said were two well-built white men who drove a new white Ford SUV.

The alleged scammer, who eyewitnesses said appeared beaten and bruised, told one stunned onlooker that hed spent the last seven years being passed around.

When taken into police custody, Rini reportedly gave the same date of birth as Timmothy. He also gave his middle name as James.



Timmothys dads Christian name is Jim, with Read More – Source