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Woman pestered by creeps after dumped ex posted sex tape with her contact details

A woman was inundated with messages from creeps after her ex posted sex tapes with contact details o..

By Sunday Herald Team , in World Update , at April 4, 2019

A woman was inundated with messages from creeps after her ex posted sex tapes with contact details online in revenge for dumping him, police say.

Andrew Yob, 25, was arrested on Wednesday in Bentonville, Arkansas for allegedly posting the 25-minute long video of the unnamed woman after she ended their online relationship last year.

The woman told police that she and Yob only communicated by video chat. She also said he secretly recorded private videos of her, which she did not know about until after they broke up.

Andrew Yob, 25, was arrested for sexual extortion after he allegedly posted a video of his former girlfriend on a pornographic site (Picture: Benton County Sheriffs Office)

She told authorities that she and Yob would talk every night and she would perform for him on occasion, adding that he was so manipulative and jealous that he would ask her to be on video chat just to make sure she wasnt talking with anyone else, according to WTVR.



In January 2018, the victim broke up with her cyber lover and refused to talk to him anymore.

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Months later, she claimed he threatened to post a video to the internet if she was mean to him or stopped talking to him.

On July 13, 2018, the woman reported that the 25-minute video of her had been posted to a pornographic website. She said her social media handles were attached to the video so anyone who watched it could look her up online.

Cross me again, Ill make sure things get around to your close friends group…You got anything to say now, Yob messaged the woman after the video was posted, it is alleged.

Yob is currently being detained in the Benton County Jail and is scheduled to appear Read More – Source