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When are the European Parliament elections and what happens if the UK has to take part?

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Were now almost a week past when we were originally supposed to leave the EU, and ..

By Sunday Herald Team , in World Update , at April 3, 2019

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Were now almost a week past when we were originally supposed to leave the EU, and its still not looking any closer to a clear path before we do.

There are still multiple options on the table, and Theresa May is currently entering into talks with Jeremy Corbyn to help break the deadlock.

As if there wasnt enough confusion over the whole thing, May is asking for a leave deadline extension that could also mean that we are still in the EU when they hold elections for new MEPs.

Although May has stated that she wants this extension to be as short as possible so that were out of the EU before these elections happen, it may not necessarily be possible to come to a conclusion before then.

The European Parliament elections will be held between May 23 to 26 (and always take place every five years) with all citizens in the EU over 18 eligible to place their vote.



Before the Brexit referendum in 2016, we had the third-biggest representation in the European Parliament, with 73 seats in total.

After negotiations in Brussels, the total number of seats was reduced, and we lost 27. Thats still quite a fair whack overall, and could cause havoc if we need to vote.

There are fears that – if we do have to vote for MEPs – people on either side of the Brexit fence may use their vote tactically, either voting out anti-EU stalwarts like Nigel Farage or voting in pro-EU politicians instead.

Although this isnt a problem in itself, it could change become something of a joke vote for people aware that its unlikely these elected individuals will get a chance to fulfil their role.

Either way, theres likely to a much higher turnout than previous European Parliament elections, wiRead More – Source