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Brit Isis fighter dubbed Hungry Hamza for saying he missed KFC is held in Syrian prison

A British Isis fanatic dubbed Hungry Hamza for how he once spoke about missing KFC while fighting ab..

By Sunday Herald Team , in World Update , at April 2, 2019

A British Isis fanatic dubbed Hungry Hamza for how he once spoke about missing KFC while fighting abroad for the terrorist group has been captured by Kurdish-led forces in Syria.

Hamza Parvez left his home in the affluent neighborhood of West London five years ago to join the so-called Isis caliphate.

He was the first known British man to have joined the group in Iraq.

'Hungry Hamza' who moaned about missing KFC 'didn't know how hard life would be' in Syria Picture of Hamza Parvez from BBC

He told the BBC foreigners had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they joined IS (Picture: BBC)

Parvez, now 26, was captured by Kurdish-led forces outside the groups final stronghold in Banghouz, Syria, earlier this month.

Speaking from a prison in northern Syria, he said regret is too weak of a word to express his resentment at having joined Isis.

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In an interview with the Washington Post on Sunday. he described the situations created by Isis as horrific.



I dont think we should ever allow anything or anyone to take Islam as a religion and for them to manipulate it . . . and to shape it the way that they shaped it, he said.

Parvez, who had marched for the Queen before being brainwashed by Isis, is known for his social media presence, unusual for the militant fighters.

Hamza Parvez Jailed British jihadi who was once known as 'Hungry Hamza' loses five stone fighting for ISIS as he moans he 'didn't know' how bad life with the terror group would be Ex-Londoner Hamza Parvez became one of the first Britons to join ISIS in 2014 He used social media and propaganda videos to encourage others to join him But after ISIS were crushed this year, he is now being held in a prison in Syria He criticised life under the caliphate

The ex-IS fanatic, dubbed Hungry Hamza, claims he lost 30 kilos since joining the terrorist group (Picture: BBC)

One picture purportedly shows him eating an ice cream as he stands bearded and armed in Mosul, Iraq.

He has been dubbed Hungry Hamza after saying in a post that he missed KFC and Nandos.

The Washington Post reported he claimed he lost 30 kilos, or 66 pounds, since he joined the militant group.

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