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Hate preacher Abu Hamza launches legal battle to challenge life sentence

Hate preacher Abu Hamza has launched a make or break legal bid to have his terror convictions overtu..

By Sunday Herald Team , in World Update , at March 31, 2019

Hate preacher Abu Hamza has launched a make or break legal bid to have his terror convictions overturned in the US Supreme Court.

The hook handed hate preacher, who once preached at Finsbury Park mosque in north London, was found guilty of supporting terrorism and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

The 60-year-old, whose real name is Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, was convicted of 11 terrorism charges in 2015.

Sheikh Abu Hamza al Misary, head of religious & political affairs for the Supporters of Sharia, at a London news conference in London where he called for the release of innocent detainees in Yemen. His stepson is one of 5 Britons being held in Yemen on terrorism charges. * Reissued 15/3/99 - Hamza was arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act in an early morning police raid. 17/01/03 Abu Hamza who vowed to persist making political speeches at a British mosque, despite facing expulsion from the mosque for his extremist Islamic views. The Charities Commission has told Hamza, 45, that it will exclude him as an agent of the North London Central Mosque Trust for his inflammatory and highly political speeches at prayer meetings.

Abu Hamza (Picture: PA Archive)

In letters sent to his lawyer, seen by the Telegraph, it is revealed he plans to appeal against nine of his convictions.

In the correspondence, he appears to blame his lawyer, Michael Bachrach, of ignoring requests for updates on an appeal lodged in October, the newspaper reports.

Writing to his lawyer from the ADX Florence supermax prison, Hamza says he wants to appeal against his 2015 convictions.

He says: It is a make or break matter; I have no choice as I have no more room for manoeuvre. I am asking for the sincere effort not the result.

File photo dated 11/04/03 of Abu Hamza as The High Court reserved judgment today on his plea, who is fighting extradition to the US, to have further medical tests.

Hamza has launched a make or break legal bid to have his terror convictions overturned (Picture: PA Archive)

He also appears to accuse Mr Bachrach of ignoring requests for information about his appeal in October.



He writes: Dear Michael, I hope you are okay. I have not heard from you in some time.

I never received any of what I have been requested for ages despite I sending you many reminders.

Sheikh Abu Hamza after a press conference by radical Islamic leaders at the Euston Plaza Hotel, London. The UK leader of Al-Muhaji, A</br><a href=https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/30/hate-preacher-abu-hamza-launches-legal-battle-challenge-life-sentence-9070250/><strong>Read More – Source</strong></a></p>
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