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Startup of the Week: Gemstones – A source of beauty and wellness

Author: Deema Al-KhudairID: 1541447460749908400Tue, 2018-11-06 22:50

Gemstones have gained wide popularity and recognition for their beauty and, according to some experts, their healing properties.
Glanz (meaning glamor in German) Jewelry is a gemstone boutique that sells all kinds of gemstones from pearls to lapis, in the form of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. It also sells the gemstones alone.
“We sell everything from the four precious stones to semi-precious stones,” said founder and gemstone specialist Maha Ajaj.
Gemstone culture is fast spreading, Ajaj said. “When we first began, it was not a well-known culture. People did not know anything other than diamonds and zircon, and very few knew emeralds and rubies.
“Now it has gained popularity. People began to learn what malachite, moonstone and other precious stones were. We changed many peoples understanding of gemstones.
“People used to not call different stones by their names, like malachite or lapis. They would just say blue stone or green stone. Now, whenever people see a green stone, they are able to differentiate between malachite, emerald and jade. They have started to speak to us in our language.”
Gemstones are widely sought after for their healing properties as they affect certain chakras (power points) in the body. “Gemstones are energy stones derived from the earth,” Ajaj said. “They energize the body and certain chakras. They help heal lethargy or aid those who wish to accomplish things. Precious stones give the strength and energy to move more. People feel better mentally and physically due to this energy.”
Turquoise is the most popular gemstone at the store “because people feel it is a strong gemstone. It energizes the throat chakra, which facilitates communication, making it easier for people to express themselves,” Ajaj said.
“The amber stone is very beneficial for the Manipura (located around the navel). And pink quartz, the gemstone of love, brings the energy of love, flexibility and femininity. It is also one of the very popular gemstones in our store.”
Glanz Jewelry is located on King Abdul Aziz Road in Jeddahs Al-Shati district. The boutique also receives orders on its Instagram account (@glanz.jewelry). It is currently developing its website.

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