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Saudi sports federation holds aerosports contest

Author: ARAB NEWSID: 1540065848130681600Sun, 2018-10-21 23:03

JEDDAH: The Saudi Wireless and Remote Control Sports Federation organized a fuel helicopter aerosports competition, after which chairman Saud Al-Fogham crowned the winners.
Hamad Al-Rafdan came first, Mohamed Al-Ossaimy second and Ayman Al-Humaidhi third.
Promoting sports is one of the key objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. Different government agencies are taking measures to achieve this goal by organizing different events encouraging Saudi youth to showcase their skills.
In 2015 the General Sport Authority (GSA) conducted the first National Sports Survey and defined active people who participate in sports as “individuals who engage in a specific type of physical activity i.e. planned, structured, and repetitive for the main purpose of improving health and maintaining fitness, at least once a week.”
The survey showed that only 13 percent of Saudi citizens aged over 15 exercise at least once a week. Those findings were a wake-up call for the Kingdom and helped shape aggressive targets to support mass participation that were set in stone within the Vision 2030 plan.
In the first quarter of 2018, another National Sports Survey was carried out under the same conditions and using the same methods, tracking sporting participation at all levels, from those taking up walking a few times a week to improve their health or amateurs beginning to attend weekly classes or clubs to hardcore gym enthusiasts and committed sportspeople.
The previous figure of 13 percent has now increased to 23 percent, helping the GSA beat its interim Vision 2030 target of getting 20 percent of Saudis over 15 exercising by 2020.

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