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Model mothers survival tips for a celebrity son

We used to live in a rent-controlled apartment in Toronto with Elon on the couch

London: Tesla has lurched from crisis to crisis over the past year, and has been scrambling to contain the fallout from Elon Musks tweets. But the seismic jitters of Nasdaq and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) generated by Elon is as remarkable as the indomitable Maye Musk, with a half-century-long career as a fashion model and nutritionist. Here are her thoughts on a wide range of issues:

Growing up:

I brought my children up as a single mother with very little money, and we survived. We used to live in a rent-controlled apartment in Toronto with Elon on the couch. It took three weeks to clean, then I saved to buy $5 (Dh18) sheets. Eventually, I bought beds, then a computer, and after that chairs — you can always work on the floor. I cut their hair, gave them mani-pedis, wore $19 shoes to walk the runway. You dont need massages to be happy.

About her children and thereafter:

My children are the loves of my life. All three are brilliant — you dont know how brilliant until they grow up. It is possible to be brilliant but unable to make it into something worthwhile. Fortunately, mine have. I taught them to be responsible for themselves and be considerate to others. Obviously it paid off. I give my grandchildren advice, make sure they eat well and have good manners. I am intolerant of selfishness. They think Im formidable. But the real role of a grandmother? To travel the world as a model!

About work ethics:

Im always working. Its my worst habit, but its worth it. My whole family is the same, from my parents to my 11 grandchildren. I think women should be educated, and contribute to society while also doing their best to look good — I am very fortunate for make-up, but intelligence is the most attractive feature.

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