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Terry Gilliam responded to the diversity debate by saying hes a black lesbian and these 15 responses say it all

Terry Gilliams not happy after the BBCs comedy chief Shane Allen said if he was going to assemble a team now, its not going to be six Oxbridge white blokes. Its going to be a diverse range of people who reflect the modern world.

In other words, not six Oxbridge white blokes like Monty Python.

This was Gilliams response on the issue of diversity, as told to the NME.

Terry Gilliam hits out at BBCs diversity plans, saying: “I tell the world now Im a black lesbian”

— NME (@NME) July 5, 2018

“It made me cry: the idea that … no longer six white Oxbridge men can make a comedy show. Now we need one of this, one of that, everybody represented… this is bullshit.

“I no longer want to be a white male, I dont want to be blamed for everything wrong in the world: I tell the world now Im a black lesbian… My name is Loretta and Im a BLT, a black lesbian in transition.”

Did he have a point? Didnt he have a point? These 15 people thought not.


It never seems to occur to white men when they dismiss affirmative action that they themselves have benefited from centuries of white male affirmative action.

— Dan Rebellato (@DanRebellato) July 5, 2018


oh for fucks sake, wipe your mouth, get your blankie and have a nap.

— Sarah Phelps (@PhelpsieSarah) July 5, 2018


Our thoughts and best wishes are with multimillionaire Terry Gilliam at this difficult time.

— Cameron Yarde Jnr (@CameronYardeJnr) July 5, 2018


If God existed, Gilliam would wake up tomorrow a black lesbian.

— Damien Owens (@OwensDamien) July 5, 2018


Terry Gilliam is really throwing himself into his new project, retroactively ruining the work of Terry Gilliam.

— Living Marble (@living_marble) July 5, 2018


Shock horror! privileged white men can't comprehend anyone else could write something funny and so value of seeking out diversity in writing….would be funniest thing Gilliam has produced in years except sadly this blinkered approach no joke…#21stcenturycalling

— stellacreasy (@stellacreasy) July 5, 2018


Just waiting for the carbon-dating to come back on that 'joke'.

— Lisa Holdsworth (@WorksWithWords) July 5, 2018

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