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Poundland owning Thameslink will ease your commuting pain

Heres what happened when Thameslink made the mistake of comparing their so-called rail service to Poundland chocolate.

It started when a chap called Kevin tweeted this.

Why, Ambassador @TLRailUK , with this fine service you are really spoiling us.

— Kevin (@londonkro) May 30, 2018

Thameslink took the Ferrero Rocher thing and ran with it.

Bad idea, it turns out, because then Poundland then did this.

Poundland absolutely rinsing ThamesLink is not the content I asked for, but now I see it is very much the content I desired.

— Laurie (@TheStuffOfMemes) May 30, 2018

And heres what Thameslink had to say in response (after deleting the tweet).

“Very sorry team for using your name here. I have removed the offending Tweet. ^Neil”

Perfect. (And hope your journeys not TOO bad today).


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