Super Netball players concerned for young talent in points overhaul

"What it will show is who are the most consistent teams, which I think is really cool from an outsider's point of view as a spectator to see that and also, to really get behind teams if they're down by 20, trying to get them that extra one point.

Future: Kim Green says the rule change may impact the development of younger players.

Photo: Narelle Spangher

"But the players do have a little bit of concern just about the development of players. With Giants we've got 10 very solid players and very different players, so if one thing's not working we throw the next group on and they'll be able to just change it up. We're not against it, but we're just not completely sold just yet."

Netball Australia CEO Marne Fechner said it was important for the sport to continue to evolve as an entertainment product. "The ladder innovation is something that increases talkability, increases interest in every quarter of the game – it doesn't change the essence of what is the game that's being played on the court and that was really important," Fechner said. "Any of these girls will attest to this whole thought that every quarter counts, you go out there and aim to win every quarter. Now you will be rewarded for winning every quarter."

For coaches, the new points system will force a rethink of how teams use their bench each game. "I look at it two ways, I think we've got a good product, why change it," NSW Swifts coach Briony Akle said. "And I look at it another way, that for the Swifts we've got a team of 10. Interesting rule change, I thought it came from nowhere and players are the same but they've made the decision so now let's look at it as a positive.

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