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Nothing to see here, folks – its just a dog crashing an electric tricycle into a China shop (VIDEO)

A small shop in China was smashed by an electric tricycle after a dog took control of the vehicle, accidentally hitting the gas when he was left unattended in the cabin by his owner. The stunning pet ride was caught on camera.

The footage, said to be taken in Taizhou, a city on the east coast of China, shows a rattling electric vehicle ploughing through the glass doors of a mobile-phone store, crashing into the shelves inside. The cab of the tricycle appears to be empty in the wake of the crash, but then the joyriding pooch pops his head up to survey the damage.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the course of the bizarre dog ride, but a woman standing behind the counter narrowly escaped being struck with the vehicle by mere inches.

The shops employees were apparently shocked when the incident occurred, but managed to roll the vehicle outside after the smash.

It turned out that the dog owner parked his vehicle beside a fruit store just across the street, and left the pet in the cab without turning off the power, according to local media.

The dog then stepped on the accelerator and started the ride.

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